Our Cleaning Services

residential cleaning service

General Residential Cleaning

We will vacuum, dust, sweep and mop. Clean showers/tubs, toilets and sinks, as well as bath mats and shower curtains. Wipe down kitchen counters and cabinets as well as the outside of your appliances!

office cleaning service

Commercial Cleaning

From trash removal, to cleaning desk tops - we can customize what your office needs. Entry doors and front windows, carpet and tile, bathrooms and kitchens...we do it all!

Move-in cleaning service

Move In/Out Cleaning

Take some of your moving stress away and have Better Life Maid Service help in your transition from one location to another with move in/out cleanings!

before party house cleaning

Before/After Party Cleaning

Getting ready for an event? We can help you clear out your home/office so you can receive your guests in an organized, clean environment. After that big event we will leave your home/office looking just like it was before your bash.

deep clean house

Deep Cleaning: Residential and Commercial

Includes our general and regular cleaning services but on a much grander scale. We will clean baseboards, ceiling fans, and the inside of cabinets, refrigerators and ovens.

window cleaning service

Window Cleaning

Do your windows need a sparkle? Let our technicians make your windows look like new! From window frames, tracks and screen cleaning, we do it all both inside and out up to 2 stories tall.

Additional Services

laundry services

Laundry Wash and Dry

Have a pile of clothes that need washing and folding? We can provide this service while cleaning your house. Your clothes will be cared for according to care instructions on the label. We will dry, fold and even iron your laundry.

residential dish washing

Dish Washing

Although its not part of our regular house cleaning, we know how dishes can pile up in no time. We will rinse dishes, and place them in the dishwasher. We will also hand wash delicate items and pots. Our service will be complete when we place your dishes and pots in cabinets.

housecleaning oven

Inside Fridge/Oven Cleaning

The fridge and oven are places that can get very messy and are hard to clean. We use special substances that dissolve grease, charred food and dirt. We will clean and disinfect them, as well as organize your fridge.

housecleaning windows

Exterior/Interior Windows and Walls

Even a clean house requires an occasional sweep of the windows and walls. These areas are often neglected and can look dull with fingerprints, scuffs and dirt.

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